Sandy's art embraces simplicity and childlike innocence. Her compositions are created with acrylic or digitally, usually in a short period of time. These creations have been made on the move in her busy lifestyle travelling between Perth, Singapore, and Europe. Her passion as an educator and a humanitarian is evident in how she embraces a heartfelt attitude yet naivety in her art, highlighting the possibilities that exist even for a novice to create works that engage people.

Sandy is highly influenced by the Dada art movement and Surrealism of the early 20th century that aimed to protest logic, reason, and aestheticism. Taking this influence into consideration, Sandy aims to exhibit her work as a means of making a statement about hope.


Sandy graduated with a PhD in Information Systems in 2003 at Curtin University of Technology; First-class Honours in Marketing; Bachelor of Commerce in Management & Marketing with Distinction. Sandy completed a Leadership Program and became an alumni at the Harvard Business School in 2018. 

Awards & Nominations:

Winner of the US Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2017, the Singapore Management Consultant of the Year merit award 2015, the WA Multicultural Recognition awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement and Outstanding Volunteer 2016. Her work in supporting youth entrepreneurs and female immigrants has also won her the Curtin Alumni Community Service Award 2015. She is currently appointed the Global Ambassador of The Inspiring Rarebirds for empowering female entrepreneurs internationally.